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Welcome to Soundstripe! Now that you’re officially a member (Happy dance!) it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get started. Our goal will always be to help YOU “keep creating,” and we’re doing that by simplifying music licensing.

Let’s discuss some efficient ways you can navigate the Soundstripe app so that you’re spending less time finding the right music, and more time creating.

Find The Perfect Track

Once you’re on the Songs Page, you can quickly and efficiently navigate through our library of songs utilizing hotkeys. To pause and play a track, simply press the spacebar.

Use the right or down arrow to start the next song, and the left or up arrow to play the previous song. Need to jump ahead 15 seconds? Tap the right angle-shaped bracket. Conversely, to go back 15 seconds tap the left angle-shaped bracket.

To favorite a song press “F,” and  press “P” to add to your playlist. You can also favorite a song by pressing the heart icon near the bottom right hand corner of your navigator.

Selecting the “...” (three dots) icon to the right of every track will trigger a pop-up window that allows you to either Add to Playlist, Add to Favorites, Download a Preview, View Song Credits, or Share the Song.

On the top of your navigator, you’ll see My Music. Clicking this tab will direct you to your Favorites, My Playlist, Followed Artists, and Followed Playlists. Keeping a running list of your favorite songs and artists will save you time as you’re producing videos.

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License Your Song

To license music for your projects, click on the License button to the far right of any song. A pop-up window will appear with a few prompts.

Take a minute to fill out the necessary fields. The information ensures both you and the artist are protected! For a detailed refresher on how music licensing work, reference this video at any time!

And now you’re ready to get started. As you navigate our app and continue to familiarize yourself with our features, feel free to chat with our stellar Customer Care team if any questions arise. We promise they’re human—not bots!


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